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SPE Member Pricing and Benefits

Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) members receive a member discount on all conference papers, journal articles, and book content published by SPE on OnePetro. SPE members should look for the "Buy With Membership Price" button when purchasing SPE content. You must be logged into a personal account on OnePetro and have linked your SPE membership to your OnePetro account to see member pricing. See below for instruction on connecting your accounts.

Connecting your SPE membership to your OnePetro Account

To access SPE member pricing, active SPE members must first connect their OnePetro account to their SPE account. To make this connection select My Memberships from the User drop down after you have logged into your OnePetro personal account.

On the My Membership page select SPE from the Membership drop down.

When the login box appears SPE members will need to enter the login information you use on to access their SPE membership, this is not your OnePetro login.

When you have successfully linked your SPE membership, it will appear in the list of active memberships on the My Memberships page and you will now have access to member pricing, free member downloads, and journals that you have subscribed to.

Free Paper Downloads for SPE Members

In addition to member pricing, active SPE Professional members receive 10 free downloads of SPE conference papers and/or journal articles per year. After you have linked your SPE account to your OnePetro account you will see a Spend a Download button on eligible SPE papers and articles.

Visit the My Download Packages page to see how many downloads you have remaining.

Access your SPE Journal Subscriptions

When you connect your SPE account to your OnePetro account the SPE journals that you have subscription to are added to your library. You can view your subscriptions on the My Library page.


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