The progressive interest in high-speed planing craft has made it crucial to conduct more accurate assessments of the behavior of these vessels in motion. In this paper, a 2D+t approach is employed to predict the resistance, trim and wetted length of a prismatic planing craft cruising in calm water. Although this approach is based on original Zarnick 2D+t model, the hydrodynamic force is estimated using experimental wedge drop experiments in conjunction with the Logvinovich wedge water entry model. The analysis is repeated employing Savitsky prediction method and results are compared with that of towing tank measurements of Naples series. The comparison shows that the Savitsky prediction results match very well with the experimental data. The 2D+t approach also shows reasonable outcomes for the trim and wetted length. However, this approach slightly underestimates the resistance of the craft at very low Froude numbers.

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