An operator, while designing their completion, needed to secure slim electrical-line intervention technologies, including shifting, debris removal, and milling services. Environmental challenges dictated the following requirements for intervention: 28,5000-psi pressure rating, 150°C temperature, 2.313-in. pass-through restriction, and sour service (H2S rating) as required by the operator.

No slim electrical-line intervention technologies existed that met the sour high-H2S, high-pressure, small pass-through restriction requirements. However, upgrading an existing 20,000-psi slim electrical-line instrumented and automated intervention platform was an economical and technically feasible option that would meet the operator's requirements. The slim high-H2S and high-pressure upgrade was achieved by improving the pressure rating of critical components through a combination of using high-performance materials and optimizing the mechanical robustness by removing high-pressure stress concentrations.

Functional and environmental tests were completed to validate the solution.

This paper presents the analysis and development done to arrive at this solution, demonstrating how a flexible intervention architecture can be upgraded to expand its performance capabilities. The solution also enables future possibilities of expanding the platform to additional services such as tubing cutting and restriction navigation at pressures up to 28,500 psi.

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